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June 19 BLU Sammy’s

Last nights show with Blue Line Underground was a treat. The band performing all our favorite classic rock songs Sammy’s Patio was rocking, we ran into some old friends and made some new ones. Blue Line Underground is a must see band.


June 17 Midway Cafe

Gargone Productions hosted this live concert event with two excellent performing bands. First up was Motel Black with the coolest sounding lead guitar licks I have herd in some time, with pounding drums and unique vocals pleased the whole crowd.

Head lining was M8 who just straight rocked through the rest of the night with the power house vocals of Gretchet Shae. She captured the hearts of all, the base and drums were driving sweet riffs. The Midway Cafe was filled with head bobbing hand clapping fans enjoyed by all.

June Line Up

Finally Boston concerts are happening, we all have been stuck in the house and now its time to rock! Gargone Productions is hosting our first 2 concerts for the 2021 concert series.

First June 9, 21 at the famous Midway Cafe, Blue Line Underground (B.L.U.) an originals/classic rock band heavily influenced by the great UK bands with Point the finger recording 2 new EP’s over the last year.

Second June 17, 21 at Mid Way Cafe Motel Black The four-piece first emerged on the Boston scene in 2016, playing a handful of shows before self-releasing the demo A Commonwealth Songbook in November, 2016. Opening will be M8 and will be playing music that capture many of the emotions we are feeling in these strangest of times, including a new ‘reinterpretation’ of the title track from Frankfurt+London synthesizer duo. Both Concerts will have a limited live audience of 40. Ticket Info. Both concerts will be streamed live starting 7Pm

Let’s Get out and ROCK!

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Midway Cafe M8 with Motel Black
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June 17 2021 M8