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Devoted to the unsigned artist.

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Past episodes

02/05/23 Episode 11

02/03/23 Episode 10

01/30/23 Episode 9

01/27/23 Episode 8

01/25/23 Episode7

01/22/23 Episode 6

01/20/24 Episode 5

01/18/23 Episode 4

01/16/23: Episode 3

01/14/23: Episode 2

01/05/23 Episode 1


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The Drive 4

NEW Episode on with New Artist! * NEW * UNKNOWN, My Little Eye, Rock Ratts, Felix the phoenix, Linwood Strange, Jeff Zahn, Renita Zintel, Null Rays, ROBERT BUSHINSKY, Mad Painter

BluesDay 2

New Bluseday Episode on MP3-Radio GIVE A LISTEN! FeaturingSymmetry, The Papa Joe Show, **NEW** Renita Zintel, Scott Alen Savoy, nulrays, Frances Henry, Bees Delux, Cristian Serban, John Michael Rochn & Blue Monday Too